Hello faithful Mac and Cheese lovers!
You’re invited to Come To Cheesus, Serve Cheesus, and Praise Cheesus!

This heavenly small-batch pasta and cheese mix might just convert you to becoming a Disciple of Cheesus. If, on the other hand, you are thinking unkind thoughts and wishing we might rot in a fiery southern locale or be struck by a significant electrical AOG (Act of God), the Mac Daddy hopes you will turn the other cheek – and while you’re at it… fill it with Mac & Cheesus!

Mac & Cheesus was created by Swear It Well, a tiny company of one that is just getting started creating fun products with a mission of donating part of all proceeds to cause-aligned non-profit organizations. At least 5% of the proceeds from the sale of Mac & Cheesus are donated to food pantries. The primary organizations Cheesus gives to are Loaves & Fishes in Sacramento and No Kid Hungry.

The numbers of those in general need keep increasing, as do high-impact disasters across the country, which make meeting those needs even more difficult. Cheesus was born in Northern California, which is why the massive fires that have devastated regional areas remain in focus. The amount of homes destroyed in each fire is staggering. The Valley (1,300), Santa Rosa (5,000), and most recently Camp Fires (14,000) have wiped out communities. As the gospel of Cheesus continues to spread, so will the impact of its philanthrocheese.

Thank you for your support!